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Bilingual and Premium nannies
in Slovakia and Czech Republic


Your Family's Perfect Match

 We are dedicated to finding and matching the perfect fit for you. Let us help you take care of your future and well-being.

Children’s safety

We handle the entire selection process. Placed nannies attend a first-aid course.

Bilingual option

Your child can learn languages in the comfort of home, while having fun.

3 months guarantee

We offer a three-month guarantee to find a replacement free of charge.

Learning a new language with a nanny

Your children can learn  ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH, PORTUGUESE, SLOVAK, CZECH, and many other languages from their nanny. We help families in Slovakia and Czech Republic to find their perfect nannies.



Bilingual nannies in SK and CZ


Local nannies in SK and CZ


Montessori nannies in SK and CZ


Teacher and mentors in SK and CZ


Bilingual and Premium nannies in SK and CZ


They trust us

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The detail that makes us proudest

What our nannies and clients says about us:

shirley sese
shirley sese
Thank you best nanny, I'm very happy for my new job, they are good to me, and care, my work is the same what we agreed with them,...I'm so happy to my work..
Gamu Tsungo
Gamu Tsungo
This is by far one of the most efficient Nanny agency I’ve ever dealt with. The communication the quality of literally everything says a lot about the professionalism in all they do
Niloufar Yaghoubzadeh
Niloufar Yaghoubzadeh
Qualified and experienced manager and professional assistant with modern methods♥️
Zuzana Krchnavá
Zuzana Krchnavá
Výborná spolupráca a profesionalita. Opatrovateľku som si vybrala na základe videa a som s ňou veľmi spokojná. Odporúčam každému, kto tento druh služby potrebuje.
Nathalie Oviedo
Nathalie Oviedo
Best experience on earth! Knowing lovely people, nice places and share your culture... but the most important thing is awake every day to see a little person smiling to you, learning with you, growing beside you... I'm just falling in love with this part of my life!!!
Karolína Bednárová
Karolína Bednárová
Dakujem bestnanny za uzasny pristup a za vybornu opatrovatelku ktoru nam nasli. Odporucam
Vitória Goncalves
Vitória Goncalves
Great work and attendance! They help me a lot to become an international nanny in Bratislava!
Janice Marcelo
Janice Marcelo
I applied 1 year ago, and I comfirmed this is one of the best agency.I am really satisfact of thier serivice. Bestnanny stuff are very professional,, competent,, and kind. Since today, I had 1 year experience of work here at slovakia.. And im very grateful and forever thanks through BESTNANNY ,, I found a wonderful ,, humble,, and very kind Employer and I can say, Iwas lucky because they treated me so well too. Highly recommended BESTNANNY
Barbara Lima
Barbara Lima
Highly recommend. They have a very nice and human approach. Is not just a company that will link nannies to families but they also try their best to understand the real needs on both sides and treat their nannies with great attention and care. I've seen the training of nannies on first aid and everything was impressive, plus they pay attention to every single details and possible scenarios. Just an impressive company.