Zahraničná opatrovateľka

Bring a nanny from Latin America or other European country

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If you opt to bring a nanny from a different country, we will take care of the whole process since the interview till the nanny’s arrival.

Native Speaker

English, Spanish, Portuguese native speaker, so your child has the best experience learning a language naturally.

Always Available

A nanny from abroad will always be flexible, prioritizing your schedule and also guarantees privacy within your household.


Ponúkame 3 mesiace záruky, aby sme vám zabezpečili tú najlepšiu opatrovateľku. Pred udelením víza budete mať skúšobnú lehotu, aby ste si boli istí svojím výberom.

Financial Commitments​

When bringing a foreigner to Europe, there are certain things that you will need to be responsible for, as the employer, such as:

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